July 28th, 2007


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Hi, I have a question, hope you guys help me.

I want to know how can i paste a texture under my picture like this one?

whenever i paste my texture under the pic, i try to clean the extra parts with magic erase or losso tool, but it looks that i cleaned those part so bad and it looks so weird.
anyone can help me?

and i'm sorry to the person who've made that ava, 'cause i forgot.

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Heh. Here's a slightly unorthodox and mildly embarrassing question.

I made this icon a few weeks ago.

I did it in PSP 8, I can tell you that much, and I'm also pretty sure I used a dark blue flood filled layer at one stage.

But how did I do it? I can't remember. I've only got it saved as a single-layer PNG and, try as I might, I *cannot* replicate the effect; it's driving me insane. Does anybody have any idea how I might have done it in the first place? I'm pretty much a beginner so it's all monkey-banging-at-keyboard stuff, really, which is why I haven't got a clue how I achieved it originally.

I can probably re-cap the original image I used to illustrate the changes if it'd help shed any light, but I can't find that just at the moment either. *headdesk*

Thank youuuuuu.
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Image Ready frustration

I'm having a problem with Image Ready that is very frustrating. I hope I can explain this well.

Whenever I'm making an animated icon and I jump back a forth between PS and IR it seems like IR is remembering the order or look of the animation I had the previous time I opened the icon there.

In other words, if I make an animated icon and then decide to change something, I go back to PS, make my changes, but when I open the icon back up in IR it's all screwed up.

EDIT: To be a little more specific. The animation palette is already in frames before I even select "make frames from layers". And all the layers in the animation palette have the same image in them instead of a different one like what is in the layers of my icon.

This is very frustrating. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? And is there a way to make it stop. I'm at my wits end.

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background in animation not showing up

It's me again.

I am very sorry to keep posting and asking questions. I did try looking through the memories for my answer.

I made this icon yesterday, fine no problem.

I just wanted to change the background a little. Make it all black I don't think I did anything different when I redid it, but for some reason my background is not staying/showing through the whole animation.

Seriously I feel like pulling my hair out in frustratiion. Why can't I get this right? I am having so many weird problems.

What am I doing wrong?

EDIT:I'm using Image Ready btw

Help. Please.
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32nd Tutorial

Why ... Why why why why why did I do it? I only wanted Remus! *sigh* Oh well, here's a very simple colour enhancement trick for dark caps feat. Harry Potter:

made in PSP9

If you like this or any of the other tutorials at my journal, feel free to friend me
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Ok, so I have been an absolute lurker. Heh. But I totally love the tutorials here! and now I find myself in need of help. I have this pic. It's really dark. And I am trying screen and it's just not cutting it cause if I screen it too much it gets all blocky.

you can see the image here
Please help cause I really wanna do something with this image but I can't work with it being so dark! ;_;