July 29th, 2007


Does anybody know how to get the colouring on any of the arts?



Thanksss Guys =)

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yep, it's my first.
Hope you'll find it useful. :)


Program : Photoshop CS2
Difficulty : Medium
Steps : 10
Translatable : No. ( sorry...:( )

Notes : This tut goes best with light, lots of white pictures. Do not use this exactly, because you will not get a pleasant result. This tut requires you to play with it, and not copy it exactly. Also, work with the colors that dominate your base. :)

If you have any questions, be sure to ask. :)

Also, I would LOVE to see what you came up with. :)


other icons made with similar technique:
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General Photoshop question.

So I was making icons in Photoshop a few days ago. Nothing too different from my usual, right? All was well.

...Then, in traditional idiot-style, I must have clicked something or done something because Photoshop has gone AWOL on me. A lot of the options are gone, the "Save for Web" option is gone (which I virtually lived off of to salvage the quality of my icons), and now it refuses to open anything but JPEG files, which is a real nuisance. It's now gotten to the point where I'm desperate and hoping for a solution.

(I use Photoshop 7.0, by the way. I checked the archives, but I didn't find anything that could help me.)
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motion blur icons

I'm having an issue. I've had Image Ready for a while, and I never learned how to use it. But now I'm having a need for it. I am trying to follow this tutorial that I found in the memories, but I don't really understand it. I think it would help if I could see the pictures, but they've gone away. What I want to do is take the two things I've made:

I would like to blur it and animate it, like this icon is animated (made by icons_by_umby):

I think that that tutorial I've found is the way to go, but I'm not really all that experienced in the Photoshop/Imageready thing. I'm okay, I've got basics, but I'm not amazing at it. So... simple would be best.
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Cartoon/anime colouring techniques?

Hi, I know I've seen before a list with a bunch of tutorials using cartoon/anime images - mainly colouring techniques, I think - but I can't seem to locate it again in the memories or anywhere. Anyone know good tuts for this, or have a link to the jumbo list I remember seeing? Thanks!
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Sorry, but....

I know this question probably gets really, really annoying, but I can't remember the tutorial list/community for the big graphics. Like headers/wallpaper? I restart my memories somehow, and lost the link D: If someone can give me the link, that'll be really great ^^
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Text Border?

Hello. Hopefully I can ask this question here. I was wondering how I can get a text border like this:

Collapse )

The ones I make are just around. This one on the other hand surrounds the text everywhere. Know what I mean? Anyways, I hope you can help.

I have PSP and PS7. =D Thanks.
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Can anyone point me in the direction of a good curves tut? I don't understand them at all and they seem to show up in a lot of tuts! Whenever I find a curves tut that looks promising the pictures don't show up because the links are broken. I use gimp. Thanks in advance!

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Does anybody know how to get the colouring and the effects on any of the icons?


I use Photoshop CS2

Thanksssss =)