July 30th, 2007

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Header Mask Tutorial for PS:CS2

To make up for all the questions I've been asking lately I have a tutorial to share. Fine for experienced and new Photoshop users.

It was done in photoshop, but parts of it may be translatable. I'm going to show you how to make a header size mask brush like the one below.

click on the thumbnail to go to my icon journal for the tutorial

Please comment and let me know if it's helpful and fulfilling. :)
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2 Coloring Tutorials

Hey guys! This is my first time posting here, but I've posted these two tuts in GIMP communities and figured I'd share them here, too. Though both are for GIMP, they should be translatable.

We're going to go from this: to this or this

HERE @ intrepid_images

Also, here's another coloring tut. Also for GIMP, but again. Should be easy to translate. The original base is HUGE so I put it behind a cut.

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to this:

HERE @ intrepid_images

Remember to join if you like what you see! :)
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My first post here, so here goes.
I am pretty good with graphics and stuff, but now I am trying to make icons.

I need to know what to resize them to in order for them to be the standard 100 x 100.  I know those dimensions, but when I go to resize, nothing makes sense.  PLEASE HELP.
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Extending your background - Tutorial

Going from this to this: . For Photoshop CS2 - not sure how translatable this is (if you get it to work in another program, let me know! :) Basic to Intermediate difficulty - but I hope I've explained things clearly enough that even a fairly new Photoshop user can figure it out :)

Sometimes I want to put the main focus of my icon way off-centre, either to leave room for text, brushwork, or textures, or just because I think it looks nicer that way. However, when you're working with screencaps, it can often be hard to find a shot with enough space left around the subject to crop it so dramatically. But! You can get around this problem by extending your background...

See how here!

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I use PS CS & PSP 7

Hai, I was wondering if anyone knew of any tutorial that teachs you how to work with black & white pictures? I know how to desaturate a normal pic but I'm looking for a way to enhance their contrast and make them look "deep". Or just any tutorial that involves a black & white picture and NOT "how to make a picture to b&w" , please?

Also, I've been gone for a while so if you could post your latest favorite tutorial that would be great! Thanks to anyone that can help me :')
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question about selective coloring

long time lurker - first time poster! i use ps7.

now for my question: i know that if you want to remember how you made an icon, you save it as a .psd. problem is, how do you find out the exact settings you used for the selective coloring layers? is there any way to recover that, or do you pretty much just have to guess?



video icons-mac

Hi, so I use to make video icons like this:

on my pc using dvd decryptor and using an mpeg converter that allowed to save my clips as an image sequence. They only make it for pc.

Does anyone have any suggestions, or tutorials for making video icons on a mac?

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My Question Post

Okay, I have a couple colorings I'm looking for-and some effects. Originals are included-or close to, at least. Tell me if they are yours, I will credit. I've been looking for these all for ages, and finally decided one big question post was necessary.

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