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hey, photoshop problem.
Yesterday my PS7 was working but today when I open it up, as soon as I press to open it, after the menu thing on PS has loaded [where it says all the names of the people that made PS on it] Photoshop disappears :S
It's happened before but I can't remember what I did to stop it. Help? thanks.
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Hey, can anyone point me to some photoshop tutorials made specifically for anime (or cartoon) icons?  Most of the tutorials I'm finding here are good for real people or video game characters, but then you try to apply them to an anime screenshot and it doesn't turn out the way you want it to.   I've been looking for some, but I haven't had much luck finding any unfortunately.  D:  So any help would be appreciated!

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Hi Everyone! I just have a quick question...

Does anyone know a tutorial that would look nice with a sunset picture? [picture would include not only the sun, but grass and people]

I'd like to also find an iPod tutorial that's best for an anime picture. I know there are many out there, i just need to find one that  makes an anime picture looks best. ^^

Thanks in advance~!
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Hi! I have a bit of a problem...

I have a few of the textures I use most often saved and in a post in my LJ for convenience. Since I have them saved to my own server I just copy and paste them from the entry onto my icon in Photoshop. However very recently I I haven't been able to copy images from outside Photoshop and paste them into Photoshop. I can copy and paste within Photoshop however. Has anybody else had this problem, or does it sound more like a computer problem?

Thanks in advance. :]

EDIT: Solved. Thanks everybody! :]
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Question #1

I have about one billion questions, but seeing as though my last question post didn't go so well, I figured I should ask them separatly. Here is my first, and help is AMAZING, so thanks :D It's a banner. Oh and I use Photoshop CS2 Version 8.

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Layer Masking/Cleaning Up a Screencap [Using PS 7]

Had a good shufty around the mems, and I couldn't find what I was looking for. There are many questions/tutorials on layer masking in there, but they are either too complicated for me (and no, I'm not stupid, I just don't understand) or they are not what I'm looking for.

Basically, I want this icon: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

To look like this icon: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket [Made by whowhore]

See the difference between the the quailty and the colour? I'm trying to get that, but so far, nothing is working.

I capped with Virtual Dub, using Photoshop 7 to edit and stuff, although I do have PSP 8 if that's any help to anyone. A step-by-step guide would be fantastic...

Any and all help is appreciated. :) Thanks!

EDIT: After all that, I actually figured it out myself! For anyone having the same problem try sharpening once after you've cropped and re-sized, then go to New Adjustment Layer (in Photoshop) and Brightness and Contrast. Move the Brightness slider first, and then the Contrast...keep the contrast at least 10 below the Brightness. I found this works really well.

Thank you to the people who answered this! It was very much appreciated :)
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Hello! I'd like to learn how to get the look of these icons:

icons by the lovely lucific
I want to know how to get the circles that are there. I know it's the pen tool, but I don't know what settings. I'd use Pencil or Paintbrush as the setting, and it would be too pixelly or blurry.
Help please!
EDIT: I've found out how to do it. Thanks to everyone who helped!
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a photoshop question.

i know this might sound quite stupid to some, but i was messing around, making graphics in photoshop as usual and all of a sudden the text went supertiny and i couldn't see it even when it was set to 130pt. so i know someone asked this question a while back and it had something to do with the resolution. so i looked at it and it was 2,997 (pixels/inch). i changed it to 750 and then the text became huge (i tried it at 30pt). and when i deleted the new image i made, the resolution went back to 2,997.

so, what i wanted to know is-
am i correct about the resolution thing, what's the correct resolution supposed to be and how can i get it to stay that way??

(i use ps cs2)

EDIT- solved! (i guess)
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