August 1st, 2007

The Great Big List of Tutorial Indexes

Y'all should bookmark/mem/fave this post. All too often people are asking "Where are tutorials for this?" or "Where's that tutorial list I saw before?" So here's your answer.

Just a couple of things:

1 - I have posted brief descriptions of what you should find on each index. Unless otherwise stated (for example: "Lists icon tuts for Photoshop only"), you should assume that the index lists tutorials for a variety of programs.

2 - Hotlinking is evil. I try not to post lists that hotlink the tutorial preview images, please let me know if I've posted someone who is hotlinking. Please do NOT ask me to add your list to this post if you are hotlinking tutorial previews from the tutorial writers. I will not add you, and I'll delete your comment.

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Please note that most of the pages linked above are fairly image-heavy, which may be a pain for dial-up users.

*Last update: 06/29/10*

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Swirl Icons

Okay so I've been looking for like swirly icons if you know what I mean?
Like how its normal in the center but has a swirly blur on the outside......any good ones?
Also I'm using PSPX so no selective coloring please or a tut that uses it but it really doesn't make a difference if you use it or not.
Thanks so much! :]
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font help.

For some reason my font sizing is all messed up.

Free Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at

I use photoshop CS2.

I honestly have no idea why its happening or how or anything. it happends randomly.

ugh, sorry if this isnt the place to post it. if it isnt can someone tell me where to?

Tutorial #3

I'm back again -- I just had a great success with an icon I was doing for a friend, so it's tutorial time :3

Turn this: into this:

In PSCS. Not translatable [involves Selective Coloring].
For very dark images [if done properly, can be used for lighter images as well].
This is a little image-heavy.

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Thank you and I hope this helps :)
Feel free to show me your results if you use it :)
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Trust me guys, I know how annoying this question is, but I've never seen it asked about PSP. I've worked with PSP7 for forever now and recently got PSP XI and now... my text is smaller than it should be. Not ridiculously so, but enough to be annoying. Does anyone know why this is? It happens on all images, so I'm fairly sure it's not a resolution problem, it's set on points and not pixels or anything.

I'm sorry to ask such a frequently asked question, but everything I see on this problem is for PS. Thanks in advance for any help!
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