August 2nd, 2007

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i know this question was asked a while back but its been so long and i can't seem to find the entry so....whenever i use the text tool in ps cs2, its really tiny even if i put it to 72 it still stays very very small =\ it used to do that a lot but it would always depend on how big i made the text box, now its like that all the time no matter what. help! please!
MCU - Captain America; "HERO"

"Dreamy" Effect Tutorial

All right, this is my first shot at a tutorial, so hopefully it's a decent one. This was written for lunar47, and I decided to show it here as well, just in case anyone else was interested.

I wrote this to work in PS CS2/CS3, but it should translate to earlier versions.

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Other icons made with this tutorial:
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Photoshop Saving Help

I have Adobe Photoshop CS3 on MacBook. When I save pictures using the "Save for Web" option, when the dialog box comes up, the picture seems to have lost it's color and become very light.

Is there any way I can fix this? I have tried to Google this but haven't found anything to be helpful.


How Do I...?

I feel so stupid posting this cuz I know it's ridiculously easy, but I can't figure it out and it's driving me NUTS!

A while back, I made This background from This screen cap. I remember it involved the Single Row Marquee tool, but for the life of me, I can't remember what else. I've tried many things to try and recreate it and searched through several months of posts trying to find the tutorial that I used. For some stupid reason, I didn't mem it. I made the background in March so I know that this tut was posted before that. I've searched from Nov. 06-March 07 and can't find it...or overlooked it. I've tried using This tutorial that was recently posted, but I can't get it to work for some reason. I'm pretty sure that the tutorial that I used before was a different way of doing it as I don't remember using the arrow tool.

So my question is, is there another way to do something like that other than what was mentioned in the tut I linked above or know of any other tuts to make backgrounds like that.
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New Tutorial: Rupert Grint

Made with Photoshop CS. Probably not translatable. How dare I do an icon tutorial? It's my first! Please comment with your results and feel free to friend me, although I can't promise that I'll do many tutorials.

Here at my journal.
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Text Question

I'm using Photoshop, which is new to me because until my old computer crashed I had only been using PSP. Whenever I try to use the text tool, nothing shows up. The little flashy line isn't there, and the text itself doesn't show up on the image, but in the layer properties it names the layer what I wrote. I've made new images and typed without adding any layers, and it has showed up. But merging my layered images doesn't do anything. I've tried changing the font size, colour and type but nothing is happening still. Is there anything I could do to get my text to show up?
Thank you
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