August 3rd, 2007


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I feel a bit silly asking this but... here goes!

In Photoshop 7, when you go to Filter >> Sharpen >> Unsharp Mask, what exactly is Unsharp Mask supposed to do? The most I see is that it darkens or lightens my image depending on the light in the image, but I don't really see any kind of sharpening. :\
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PSP & PS Program Help?

I don't think this is the right place to post this problem, but I honestly have no idea where to ask and it's giving me a problem for a couple of days now.

PaintShop Pro, alongside with PhotoShop has been giving me problems. Everytime I'm trying to save an art as a .png file, like I always do, it's been either automatically shutting down the program on me, or having a window saying to terminate the program/debugging it, or sending an error report (which does nothing). I save my stuff as .png and it has been always doing that. The other filenames doesn't do that, but .png does and I like saving it as .png. And sometimes, the program doesn't run. It would load, but never completely loads, you know what I mean? Does this happen to anyone before? Or does anybody know what might cause the problem that might be able to tell me how to fix it? Thanks.

And yes, I've been restarting and turning off my computer in the past couple of days, but does the same thing.

Aide tutorial

Hi ! Hum im french so my english is very bad ^^
I wanted to know which coloring is used for all these icons (c) Klotera (i think its the same coloring for all the icons) (c) Klotera (Here too I think that it is the same used coloring)
Can you help me ? :(
Thank you in advance !! :-)
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Icon Coloring Tutorial

This is only my second tutorial, so I am just starting to get the hang of Selective Coloring. 
NowI am totally in LOVE with it! 
Please leave me comments to point me in the right directions. 
Let me know what you think and what I could improve apon.

Thank You! 

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In my recent tutorial (here) I had a lot of questions on how to do things like 'set to screen' and 'duplicate layers' in gimp. I therefore made this walk-through of it which shows the basics for gimp. I do not consider myself an expert in any way but this will be good for those who are just starting out on gimp. This is basically just step by step of my last tutorial which can be seen here.  I hope that someone finds this tut helpful because it took me FOREVER! Feel free to join my journal if you like it and want more updates. This post is VERY IMAGE HEAVY!   If you have ANY questions feel free to ask.

From  to . See it HERE!

If you already know how to use gimp or you use a differet program follow THIS TUT! I made it last week and it is the exact same thing!
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Could someone give me some more input  or a link to a tutorial on how to try and re-create this? I'm sorry, I totally forgot the maker :[

I was thinking there's a saturation layer of some kind, a light blue soft light layer and dark blue exclusion?
I have PSP8, but I can try and work with anything in Photoshop if needed
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Screencap question

I know this has been asked before but I've searched the memories and can't find the answer in there. Does anybody know how to clean up a screencap that is not of a good quality please? I use PSPX and Photoshop CS3 although I am very new to the latter if the instructions are clear enough I should be fine.

Thanks in advance.
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Anyone know where I can find the tutorial on making icon award banners?

I know one exists but I cannot find it.

Thank you.

It's for a friend, she uses PS 7 I think.

Anyone Know This Tutorial?


I really like the colourised effect of this icon made by lucy_themeedes

Does anyone know a tutorial for this either on Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop, because I cant find it anywhere. Can anyone help =] I would very much appreciate it!

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coloring question.

God, I hate it when this happens...

I made this icon some time ago, but I can't for the life of me remember how I did the coloring. It's a shame, cause I really want to use it in other icons. Can someone help me remember?

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I've never posted here before, or in any community as a matter of fact. Please be kind. ;)

I am a very novice icon maker, and I know even less about the workings of PSP9 (this is the program that I am using). I feel really silly, but I am having a difficult time with certain things. I don't understand when people say things like, "duplicate your base and set to screen....blah blah whatever." I find the duplicate function, but I am at a total loss to the rest of it. I think I am better at learning things when I SEE what people are talking about.

I really feel stupid, but it's become a big problem for me. If someone could kindly explain that process, that would be great.

Thanks for your time everyone.

*goes back to lurking*