August 8th, 2007

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I feel like such a noob -__-
My brushes aren't showing up all of a sudden I go to use them and there are none there.
I put them all in the spot where all the other brushes are that came with the program, so I just don't know what could be wrong with them :/
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Forgive me if I'm in the wrong place to be asking this, but I'm looking for coloring tutorials for Disney animation caps. I've seen them around, but I forgot to mem them. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Mucho gracias!

little grey boxes...

I have Photoshop 7.0 and I accidently clicked on the Pen Tool. Now there are 2 little grey boxes in the upper left hand corner of my icons and it just really bugs me. How do I get rid of them?
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PSP7 vs PSP8

I'm sorry if its inappropriate to post here, but I couldn't think of anywhere else to ask and from experience, you guys are dead helpful, so here goes.

I've used a few graphic programs in the past, mainly PS7 and PSP8. Recently my computer got reformatted and my PS7 and PSP8 were deleted. I'm more used to PSP8 but I checked around on which programs people prefer and I've found that many think PSP7 is better than PSP8. I'm torn between the 2 versions and I was wondering if I could get your opinion on which you prefer and, most importantly, why. Thank you for your help.
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Does anybody know who I achieve the coloring of these? A tutorial maybe?  :|

I'm sorry, I don't know who made these.
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