August 9th, 2007

Texture Question!

I have a texture question.

I'm not quite sure if I'm using them right. If someone coud tell me how they are use that would be AMAZING!

Right now I'm layering them over the main image, and changing the opacity. But no matter what I do, the image always ends up way too dark.

If someone could please help me out that would be great!
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omgosh this is so horribly annoying >.< I made this header a few months ago and I've been trying for an hour to get that same color with something else. I'm pretty sure I used someone's tutorial and I'm not sure if I saved it(hence the trying for an hour) but everytime I try, it looks way off.

Anyone who could point me in the direction of that person's tutorial or any help would be really appreciated!!

[originial image]

(no subject)

Hey, I made these icons not too long ago, and didn't save the PSD's for them. (dumb me) Dose anyone know how to get this type of coloring?

I use Photoshop 7

Thanks to anyone who answers!
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sharpening question

Hi, I'm not sure if it's just me or not, but I use Photoshop Elements 2.0, and whenever I make my icons they either turn out quite blurry (even with a sharp screencap or stock photo) Or look really odd if I sharpen them. Ie: annoyingly blurry, vs oddly sharpened. Both of these were from good, high quality screencaps. It's not a saving thing, like saving it as a .gif or .bmp when it shouldn't be or another filetype, it does this in the program while making it. Is this a program error or can am I doing something wrong. For Sharpening I use just Filter>sharpen>sharpen. I understand if this isn't a common problem but if anyone has an idea I'd love to hear it!!
Thank you!
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(no subject)

Hey. Here's the deal: I've been using PS7 for a several years now, but around a week ago, whenever I selected something from a pic and pasted it onto another file, a blurry white border appeared around it.
Now, I tried to stretch a picture using Ctrl+T and it didn't come out the way it used to:

Collapse )

Does anyone has some clue about what's going on?

Thanx in advance!

Edit: Problem solved. Thanx so much!


I made the icon below using a tutorial from here. But I forgot how to make it 
lol and I didn't put the tutorial in my memories I know such an idiot lmao. But 
anway does anyone know how to make the icon below or know where I can 
find the tutorial. Thank you
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(no subject)

okay, so this sounds reeaaaally noobish, but can anyone recommend me a good website that hosts either good quality celebrity pics, or good quallity screen caps from movies/TVshows/music videos..etc. etc.

any help please?? much appreciated!!
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