August 10th, 2007

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Mini-Movie Icon Tutorial

java_junkies asked me for a tutorial on how to make mini-movie icons like these: and , so I figured I should share it with you guys, too.

It includes a mini-tutorial on how to use VLC to get frame-by-frame caps, but if you already have yours, then you can skip right on down to the icon part.

Made for Photoshop and Image Ready CS2. Not sure how well it'll translate into other programs.

( Tutorial is this way. )
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I was wondering if anyone could help me make this screencap look better so I can icon it. I wouldn't ask just..I suck at making screencaps look good. The whole video is that kind of quality too so any help in making any caps from it look good would be appreciated 8D

Thanks ♥
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Saving help? D:

Hey there fellas. :B Anyways, I'm having a problem saving my graphics into a .png format. I searched through the memories but couldn't find anything about my problem. Forgive me if I just skimmed it over and have wasted your time.

So, when I try to save my file (standard procedure; file, save as) it will not go through or something. I click the newly saved image to look at it, but instead see "No preview available." I do not get the usual message of whether or not I'd like to interlace the options, and I believe I got a message earlier about some kind of error. Can anyone help?

Pics for if you don't understand ==> 1 2

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Hi! please I need help, I don't know how get a HIGH Quality or have a image more big, because I use photoshop and when I
try to go 'image size' and do everything the images they are so pixelated! and ugly.

And if Someone know and doesn't want to explain to me that, please give me the image more big (like I want, please!)

I need this image more big. (My english is bad, I know)

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Hey everyone. I hope you can help me.

Some weeks ago I found an icon tutorial which I totally loved. But I lost the link to that tutorial. So maybe you can help me finding it.

Here is an example made by me with that tutorial:

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In case the PSD File of that picture is helpful: Here it is

I used Photoshop CS 2

Seriously obnoxious problems.

I've been having these problems for a while now. It's weird because they're on and off.

Sometimes, after I've already copied something(as in, a previous texture), when I go to copy and paste something new, the old copy gets pasted instead. They only way I've found to temporarily fix this is by clearing the clipboard and opening the newer texture in photoshop, copying it, and pasting it then.

Another problem I have just started recently. When I go to type text, I'll have it at.. let's say 6. However, instead of size 6 font, it's HUGE. Like, almost size 72-ish. Maybe even bigger. I have no idea what to do about this one except change the numbers into decimals in order to get a normal sized font.

Any suggestions? Help?

I'm using Photoshop CS2, by the way.

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The icon was made for obiwanstillness using caps by leia06.

We'll be going from this and this to

This is a PSP 8 Tutorial. Translates easily to other versions of the program; not sure about PS and GIMP since I haven't tried it. Like all my tuts, this is meant to be beginner friendly, so there are detailed explanations, even about things that you may find obvious if you've been doing this for a while. My goal is to answer questions I have been asked and to address issues I've seen around the icon sharing comms. Feel free to skip anything you don't need.

here@ my journal
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Photoshop 7.0 brushes question

Hi guys! I'm new to PS as i had used Paint Shop Pro 8.0 before and i got a question to ask: how do i install brushes in PS 7.0? I've saved them in the Brushes folder from Adobe->Photoshop etc. but when i want to use them i really can't seem to find them.

Can any kind man help me ? I've tried searching  in other communities  but had no luck. Hope this post won't get deleted.