August 11th, 2007


Saving and faded colours (Photoshop)

Hi, i've a question for the Photoshop users (more specifically, CS2, but I'm pretty sure this applies to all).

This icon I'm using was originally more vivid, with higher contrast (like, put under higher saturation and then softlight-ed) but when I uploaded it, it came out like this!

I've tried upping the saturation and multiplying before uploading, to 'balance it out', but it still comes out this faded.

I'm using a MacBook, so does that affect how I see colours? Does that mean that in Windows, this comes out very vivid?

This has never happened before, and I've been saving in .png format as always. I didn't do anything different from other icons, and I don't see my other icons differently.

If you can help, I'd be so grateful! Thanks very much!
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Hi can somebody please help me.

I'm making an animation button for kristen_hushand I am up to the animation part.

I am using Image Ready CS and I have done the animation and stuff but when i go to save it It can only be saved in Photoshop.

How do i get it to be saved in another program?

Also is there a program like PowerDVD that is free?
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Ali Larter tutorial

As promised I have a tutorial for some of the icons in the batch I posted yesterday.
It's a very very easy tutorial with only 5 steps but it does involve Selective Coloring and Curves.

Other Examples:

Here @ prelusion  
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So i tried THIS tutorial. And it worked on two pictures, just like the one in the tut. But then I tried three pictures and got lost. I do masking on each layer, I played with the brush opacity but it still didn't work.

Here's the thing, I masked each picture and they're lined up. I put the brush to the picture's edge and it comes up with this:
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can anyone solve this? it's in photoshop.
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Optimizing help

Uhm... so it's my first time in creating a nice .gif icon, and I found out that it exceeded 40kb like woah... If anyone can help me, I'd like to ask how I can or what is the best way I can make the size smaller without completely ruining the quality?

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Sorry for the trouble, and thank you in advance~! ♥ :3