August 13th, 2007

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Animation Program...Please Help!

OK, I just recently got PS CS3 and it didn't come with an animation program. Through a little research I found out that Adobe has discontinued ImageReady. Well my question is what am I supposed to use as an animation program? I saw something about a new animation program that Adobe acquired called Fireworks. Does anyone have Fireworks? How good is it? Should I just get ImageReady? Please help because I need an animation program, but I can't figure out which one to get!

I read through the FAQ and the memories and I didn't see anything about this, but if I missed it I'm truly sorry! And if it's not allowed, once again I'm truly sorry and I'll remove it!

SOLVED: Apparently the animation program is integrated into PSCS3 now and nobody thought to tell me...LOL! Anyhoo, thanks to everyone for all the help!
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I'm wondering if anyone can help me on how to get the brightness in these icons.

by phuck

Especially the first one. It looks like maybe a radial blur might have been involved, or light textures? I'm not sure. Any help would be appreciated!


I'm trying to see if there's a way to achieve the nice coloring in some of these icons using PSP instead of PS? Any tips would be super appreciated. Just a way to achieve some of this coloring without selective coloring: (The Zac Efron & Hairpsray icons have gorgeous coloring to them)
(Also, the icon Im using).

Thanks very much in advance!
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In PSCS2 is there a way to keep track of exactly what you've done to an icon? Like seeing what numbers you used for things like selective coloring, hue/saturation, curves, &etc? Or when making tutorials do you just keep track of everything as you go along?

solved. thanks guys. i guess i just have to get used to using actual adjustment layers instead of applying effects directly to a layer.

grunge & flair blend tutorial

For anyone who hasn't tried this yet, do so. It's a really detailed and elaborate tutorial that I made for this blend which took me approximately 3 hours to write . (click for large version).

I'm using Photoshop CS 3 however, this doesn't have any selective coloring or anything wacko so I guess it is translatable.

Please credit this tutorial if you use it in your blends and showcase it/enter it in challenges. Thank you.

click me for the tutorial @ my journal.
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Incorrect colour

Ok when im using PS 7.0, my colours are a bit odd. Like i might use one colour in PS, but when i go to saving the image, the saved product is not how it appeared in photoshop. Like in photoshop, I might pick a tan colour (at least in PS)

but when i save it, it is actually a grey colour.

I've had this problem for a long time, and lately it's been really getting on my nerves. Any help is appreciated!

edit; problem fixed. *face palm* i did check the memories i swear! but must have skimmed over that topic....sorry