August 14th, 2007

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Colours for blending options.

Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any tips for the blending options on both Ps and PSP?

Like for example i often use a dark blue on exclusion, but i was wondering if anyone has any tips for the other types?

Or does anyone know of a tutorial with suggestions?

Hope this makes sense, thanks in advance for the help XD

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little question

hello there! :)

I went through the Q&A and the FAQ, but I didn't find something that could help me, so here we go:

how do I make a picture like this Free Image Hosting at look as defined as this? Image Hosted by

(icon credit goes to whykeepcounting)

I tried to sharpen (not only with this picture but also with other blurry ones), but it doesn't work, the result is still quite ugly, so... anyone can help me? or link me some tutorial about this that I accidentally missed?

thank you very very much in advance to anyone who will help! :)

something i dont understand

i posted a tutorial but it was deleted and the person who deleted it left me this message

what i dont understand is why i found the html on lj to resize the pics i dont get what i did wrong if someone can let me know politely whati did wrong so i can fix it soi can post it without anyone having problems and sorry to anyone who did already have problems with it

Your message will be deleted due to abusive image loading.

When you forcibly resize an image using HTML the person loading a webpage must still download the entire image. The restrictions in the community rules on image number and size exist not only to prevent problems with stretching of some LJ layouts, but to save dialup users trouble when downloading large images. The fact that you've resized the images using HTML might help with layout stretching, but it doesn't assist dialup users who might struggle to download several images which consume greater bandwidth during download.
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01 - Tutorial - Ashley Tisdale

Program: Photoshop 7
Involves: Curves and Colour layers
Other notes: Use this tutorial as a reference. I am not giving you the exact steps. The opacity, curves layers, etc all depends on YOUR image. If you notice any errors in this tutorial, PLEASE COMMENT and let me know! I haven't written an actual tutorial in a long, long time.

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Hi. I have looked through the memories but I'm not sure exactly what it is I'm looking for, so forgive me if this has been posted.

I'm looking to get the type of glittery effect that's on the two icons beneath the cut. I'm using Photoshop CS3. :-)

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(no subject)

Okay Day. First off all the tutes here are lovely 33> but I'm looking for tutorials that center more around the aspect of horror icons such as things for Resident Evil and Silent Hill. Even neutral tutorials would be awesome too.

So can anyone direct me to any horrorish tutes. And Neutral tutes that can work for any fandom related iconing?
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