August 15th, 2007

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Screen capping

I'm trying to get screen caps in an attempt to make an animated icon.  I am using PSP7 and Animation shop (oldschool, i know, but I like the programs)


What programs do you all use to cap video?  For example, I downloaded a clip from a show I watch that opens in Winamp.  I can also play it in Windows Media Player.  when I used the PSP capping tool or when I hit print screen and paste as a new image... the box where the video is playing is black.  when I move the pasted image around in PSP and hover over where my media player is below my PSP I can see the picture but if I move it away, it is black.

Is there a way to cap using Winamp or Windows Media Player?  Is there a free program I can download to get caps?

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(no subject)

Hi, I have a small problem with Photoshop.
Sometimes when I make an icon, I do the colouring, and it looks like I put a border on soft light on it.. but I didn't.
Does anyone have any idea on what's happening with it?
Thanks in advance =)

I capped it in PS so you can see properly.
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Vector art tut

A tutorial to create fake vector art, well it is almost real, since you can scale it. It is done on Photoshop CS and might not be compatible with other softwares. Let me know though if it is. Also, I don't think its too beginner friendly.



I have looked through the archives and couldn't find anything. How to get this kind of colouring? I suppose it is done using selective colouring?!

Thanks a lot for any help. Credit to Tali from

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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Why, oh God? D:

I was very excited to maike icons when I found here a tutorial... but, when I will save, the color kinda go away D:
I tried to save as .png but the problem don't go away... T__T

Free Image Hosting at

Can someone help please? I use CS2.
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(no subject)

Hi! I've never posted here before, but I use the memories often and find them really helpful. But I'm having difficulty with something in PS7.

I usually use the magnetic/polygonal lasso tool when I'm cutting out a person/object etc. but it's so awkward and I usually end up with ugly jagged lines. I was wondering if anyone could suggest a better way of doing this? I've tried a tutorial on masking layers too, but didn't have much luck with it.

Any help or advice would be great,

Thank you!

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Photoshop Fonts

I have no idea what happened to my PS but half of the fonts dissapeared, I can only see the ones from A to K. I did check my font folder and all of them are there, also I can see all the fonts in other programms, they just dissapeared from PS, does anyone knows how to recorver them without re-installing PS? Help...anyone??? =(