August 20th, 2007

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Another Borders question

Okay so I finally figured out how to do round border thanks to this tutorial the problem is when I hit delete it gives me the round border that I want but it fades the rest of the picture and I can't seem to get rid of the dashed lines. So my question is how do I prevent it from fading my picture and get rid of the dashed lines?

Thanks in advance.
(I use Adobe Photoshop 7)

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Robin 11

Colouring Tutorials for Pale Faces

Ive been trying to make icons and banners of the actress Miranda Frigon, whos skin is relativdely pale. But every colouring tutorial that I try makes her sking o almost white and you cant see the features on her face.

Does anyone know of any tutorials that I may be able to use that dont do this?

Thanx in advance :)

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So I'm using imageready to make an animated icon, I know all the steps and everything.
So I finished my icon, and it lookes very good in Imageready, but when I save it and open it as GIF, the moni-movie looks funny...

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help with dotted lines and circles using pen tool in PSCS

Somebody posted a tutorial here in how to make dotted circles and squares using pen tool in PSCS as a texture. I didn't have CS2 then, so I just didn't really put it in my memories. When I finally have CS2, I can't remember when that was posted to get back to it.

If anyone has it in their memories or you're the one who wrote the tut, please provide me the link. I remember that this person used a picture of Kelly Clarkson and focused the circle on Kelly and the rest of the icon is black. It was a pretty coloring of Kelly, too.

If this isn't allowed, you may delete it. Thanks to everyone's help. Love you guys.