August 21st, 2007

Manipulation Tutorials?

Does anyone know any useful and friendly tutorials on manipulations?
I'm a beginner so easy ones are best, but I still wouldn't care that much if it's complex.

Any program is fine. I use PS3 and PSP IX.

Thanks in advance.
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I tried searching the mems but didn't find anything. For some stupid reason in PS, after I merge everything and flatten my images I try to put text but it isn't showing up? It shows up as a layer and the text will show up instead of Layer 1 on the side panel, but no text on my image. I can't figure out whats wrong.

Edit: fixed it. i'm a moron. thanks


Can somebody help me where can i find some textures like this?

and how can i use masks like this one?

Thanks in advance XD

sorry, I forgot who made the first texture, but the second one is made by sanami276.
Bang Bang! with Jango Fett


Hey guys! I have a problem...

I don't know what I did or what I hit, but for some reason, in Adobe Photoshop (I use version 7.0), under the brush menu, the program lists every single separate brush instead of just showing me the general brush set. I don't really know how to explain this. You see, I only have 56 brush sets, but for some reason, it just lists each brush in the set individually, instead of under the general name. The menu is so huge, I can't even view all of my brushes! How do you fix this so it just goes back to listing the sets instead of each singly brush? x__X

I have provided a screenshot. I hope it helps!

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Thank you very much!
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4 Tutorials for Photoshop

I was bored and while playing with photoshop, I found 4 nice effects.

All made in Adobe Photoshop CS2 and includes Curves, Selective Colour, Colour Balance, Levels layers..

If you want to see bigger previews or read the tutorials on how to create the images, please visit my personal journal by clicking here.

If you download the PSD files only, visit my DeviantART account by clicking here.

Text in Paint Shop Pro 9 (PSP9)

Okay, so I'm having trouble getting the text to cooperate. The three icons below are all Times New Roman, 10pt, with no settings changed except anti-alias.

(Settings: stroke 0, leading -0.3, auto kern, kerning: 200; tracking: 0; etc.)

See? None of them look good.

The only smallish text I can get to look right is Perpetua at 6pt:
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(no subject)

i dont know if this is thr right community to ask, but i want to print something from photoshop. It has text on it and whenever i print it the copy looks a bit fuzzy and blurry. i tried to sharpen filter option but that doesnt help much.

is there anyway i can print it without that?


Im completely using Photoshop CS. and i could save it as a PSD, JPG...or etc.
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requests, please? :)

Does anyone know how to get this brilliant coloring? :)

icon by thrift

And is THIS the only (hard) way, by erasing the background carefully, to make a white rigid outline?
Or is there an easier way? :\

icon by konnichiwaa

(And I use PSCS2, sorry 'bout that~)
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