August 24th, 2007

How do I correct this resizeing problem?

 I'm makeing a bourne wallpaper because I got inspire, anyway I have this problem with resizeing my image to what I want it to be! (see below)

 okay this is the originale which is 558 x 400 (smaller uploading it)
 and I want to shrink to 765 x 91,  this what does when I do that.

(Smaller because of upload) really 765 x 91. do I need to find bigger images that are at least 800 x600? for the 
clarity to come out? sorry if this is a stupid question, I kinda fingure you need a bigger image to get the quality you want. thank you if anyone knows.
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Hi all~

I don't think there's any tutorial about this - I'm not sure. I looked, but I couldn't find anything. But, anyway... when I use AS3 to save my icons, I DON'T want it to be optimized. Frankly, I want the icon I'm working on to stay looking like I had made it in Photoshop and not... messed up due to optimization.

I'd show you what I mean, but since it's for an icontest, I can't really give you any screenshots. I just hope that makes sense? x.x I'm sorry, I'm bad at explaining things.
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just one little question :)

does anyone know how to get the line border (around the people) on these following icons?
do you actually draw it on ince the pen tool, or is their a easier way?

( both are by puppet926 )

another example is this banner by nichiyobii

please & thank you in advance :D
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PSP Tutorial Lists


I apologise if this is the wrong place to ask this, but I was wondering if anyone knew of tutorial lists that consisted of (or showed which ones were) PaintshopPro tutorials?

I use PSPX.

Any help anyone can give would be great :)
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I'm curious as to how this colouring was achieved, or if anyone can point me to a tutorial with similar effects.

(forgot who made it)

I use Photoshop, by the way. Thanks!
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I have a problem with the fonts. So, I just downloaded a new font and found out it was really pixely when I started typing. I used Tangerine to show you what I mean. And also, when it's on size 24. It's pretty small for the size. Can someone fix this problem? I use Photoshop CS.
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I don't know if I should post this here but I made this header but when I saved it it came out with a white box around the outside because I rounded the edges. You can't see it on the picture because the background is white but when it's being put to real use the background is going to be a greeny blue so the box will show up. Does anyone know how I can save it woith out the box? I'm using Photoshop 7.

Thank you :D
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