August 26th, 2007

fernando torres

blending + text in pscs3

Hey everyone! I just got PSCS3 and I'm a n00b at blending & text in it. I know how to using PSP but not this program. Could anyone direct me to a tutrorial on blending & using text or explain it to me? Please and thanks ♥
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Tutorial on selective colouring in PS CS2 for beginners

We'll be going from to in 4 easy steps, using selective colouring in Photoshop CS2.

It is a very basic tutorial and it is meant for everyone of course, but especially for the starting icon makers out there. You'd be surprised how long it can take before you find anything simple on selective colouring when you first start out making icons.

Anyway, I hope you'll find it useful.

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Cartoon Image?

hi there! can someone please walk me thru changing a regular picture to a cartoon? or outline it so it doesnt appear as a camera shot? does that make sense? I am still new to PS7, so please be kind! lol!
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How do I...

Cut the pictures so that it has like an oval shape, while still having a color in the back...If that makes any sense.

I have Adobe Photshop Elements 2.0. Is this possible with what I have?

An example of what I want is below...