August 27th, 2007

lotr: silence before the storm
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tutorial #9

we'll be making this
(requested by miss_newyork)

- photoshop cs 2
- lot's of erasing, pasting and cutting =)
- theoretically it should be translatable

learn how @ seeingyouaround

there are more icons made using similar technique in THIS post.

- this tutorial is a guideline, do not follow it step by step!!
- i'd like to get feedback on this tutorial and also see what others can do with this
- feel free to ask, if something is unclear
- if you like this, feel free to join my journal
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On PSP X I went to use the pen tool in free hand, but when I use it, it like all connects up instead of just making a line, I've set it back to default settings but it's still doing it.

edit- Solved, thankyou

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[ROD] Read or Die

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...I know this has been asked a bazillion times beforehand, BUT the answers have always been given for Photoshop CS, or PSCS2...and the typical answer does not work in Photoshop 7.

How do I make dashed/dotted curved lines in PS7? All answers I've seen apply for CS2 where they modify the brush settings, and this is not possible in PS7.

EDIT: Aaaaaaaa-hah, I found it. Stupid option looking nonclickable.