August 31st, 2007

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I`m having trouble with text. I can`t figure out a way to make the text blend with the icon nicely.

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Does anyone know or have any tutorials to make the text look like this? Even though I do have a feeling that no one is going to post here. :| Well, if you do please reply! :] Please & thanks!
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Light Textures Tutorial

Hey there. My first post here, so I'm hoping to help those who don't always understand how to make icons. ^_^

I've been making a series on how to get started on making icons, from image quality to using textures and combining different styles. I myself didn't know where to start a long time ago. XD

So here we go. We're going to go from to

So click the cut and let's get started.

Program: Photoshop CS2
Translatable: Possibly. Not too sure. XD If you can use Color Burn and Linear Dodge, you're good.

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Enjoy. ^^
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A saving question...

I've just made an icon..but when I saved it in jpeg the quality of the icon turned out to be really bad. I saved it on bmp and the icon is the same as when I've made it. But I really want it to be in jpeg. I know I have seen other users ask for this, but I just went through the «Search» and «Memory» sections without finding anything. My question is: How can I save my icon in jpeg (or go from a bmp file to a jpeg) without loosing the quality of the graphics, icons, etc. Thanks.

Here's an example:

BTW: I had to save this in bmp too, so I don't loose the quality and show exactly what I mean :S
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Help again?

Hey guys - me again!

I'm looking for a tutorial for dark images which have too much of a reddish undertone to them. I found quite a number of tuts for adding a bluish haze, and, cool as it looks, it just makes the images look washed out and...well, ugly.

I've provided and example of what I'm talking about, when I say dark and reddish.

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Photoshop Elements 4.0 Question

Alright, I have a question regarding PSE4. My layers pallet is normally in the 'sidebar' thing that also has the "How To" and "Styles" pallets. I clicked on something (I can't remember exactly what I did, but I have a feeling it was the little topbar thing on the layers pallet), and now it's in its own little window.
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It functions perfectly otherwise; this is merely a prefrence for me. But it really is annoying to have something out of order like that.
Oh, and I have tried resetting defaults.
Thanks in advance.
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      from Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucketto Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket 

enhances bright colours and creates a strong contrast. You can play around to reduce reds at the end if they become to strong for your image


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PS CS2 help needed!

Hey guys, this is my first time asking for help here because, usually, with enough messing around and experimentation, I can solve the problems I'm having, however, this time, I've had no such luck. :'(
I am making a banner and I desperately want to do rounded corners...I cannot figure it out AT ALL.
I even tried following 2 different tutorials already with no luck.
If anyone can help me I would appreciate it soo much!!