September 2nd, 2007

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I've been searching around livejournal lately to find some good GIMP tutorials for my icons and banners, but I haven't found many seeing as how a lot of people have Photoshop and such.

Can anyone, possibly, give me a list or a site or something of where I can find gimp tutorials?
Thanks! =] 
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ImageReady CS2 help

Hello all, I took a look at the archives and I didn't see one that'd fit so I'm posting. If I missed it please let me know and feel free to delete this. I've been using PhotoshopCS2 for a while and I've got the hang of it. And I've made a few animated icons in ImageReady as well. I haven't used it in a while, but I went to make a very simple animated icon and it says I can't save it. It's only letting me save it as a .jpg, .png or .wbmp. I've looked through the settings and I didn't change anything. I've been fooling around with it but nothing works. Any ideas? Thanks!
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I've searched through the archives, but I can't find a tutorial I worked with months ago. Please help! I use Photoshop 7.0.

I'm trying to achieve this effect with the lines:

Thank you!
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I am having a huge problem with Photoshop 7. :(

It gives me a warning about the scratch disks, and it opens fine, but the problem is, I can't open any images I've saved in like, the last week or so. I've run a defrag, my spyware and reinstalled the program, and nothing.

It also happens I'm on a icon-addiction spree, and can't make any :(

Any idea what to do? I've changed the scratch disk thing and nothing. I have plenty of RAM, and plenty of space on my computer.

Also, I've tried all the suggestions in the memories, and nothing.

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Transformers Tutorial

This is my first contribution to this site. I feel like I owed it to share, considering all I've borrowed, taken, and learned from here. I created it with Photoshop CS2, and it uses selective coloring, so I'm afraid it's not translatable. Feedback is always welcome!

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effect help?

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okay so this might be my first time posting here
i'm trying to achieve this same effect with the text and ripped edges
i've played around with settings, but i've gotten nowhere

if you can point me in the right direction of a tutorial
or help me out, i'd appreciate it. i'm using photoshop cs2
thanks in advance :]