September 3rd, 2007

I really need help...

hi there! i was hoping someone can help me...again.

This pic is in black and white but i need the bracelet to have some color. Maybe a rainbow or all in pink...if someone can teach me how to do this using PS7 that would be great!!!! i really need this for a friend of mine and feel bad that i cant help her out myself so any help for u guys would be deeply appreciated!!!!

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Bright Colors - zashley icons

Hi...I looked in the sections of the memories that it would make sense for this to be under (coloring, layers, etc) but didn't find the effect I was searching for.

The icons under the cut are from the ladies (i believe they are all ladies) of intensifyslowly. I'm just wondering how to get the bright coloring effect of these. The greens, blues, and pinks really pop and they just flow sooo well. I'm in love with the effect and would love if someone could help me out.

I've tried to recreate it with my CS2, but I just can't quite get it.

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Text Help

Okay I've read the FAQ section of this journal and it still won't help. I'm having a problem with the size of my text. Instead of using regular numbers like 1,2,3pts it will go into using 0.01, 1.01, 2.01 etc. Any idea on how to change this? It's really frustrating me right now. And in order to use pixel fonts I have to use a size of 8pts in order to get it to the normal size. I'm really confused and any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!

Bob Bryar Tut #01

We're going from Image and video hosting by TinyPic to Image and video hosting by TinyPic

This is my first ever tutorial. I know that there is one simular to this but I actually haven't looked at it properly so if some of the steps are the same I'm sorry :( Also I use Photoshop 7 and this means that I'm using Curves and Selective Colouring.

Here @ my Journal
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Fill in layer with color?

Hi. I use PSPX & I`m having some sort of confusion problem... when I read some tutorials it says to fill in a layer with a certain color. But I can`t find where to put the HTML for that color when I click on 'New Raster Layer'. I used to think that by putting the HTML Color code into 'Highlight layers in palette' it was going to make an effect. Can someone help me with this problem? :] Oh & if you didn`t really understand what I just wrote down here, then I won`t mind explaining again since I`m sort of in a rush. Please & thanks!
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i saw this GIF pic, and i was wondering if the under water effect could be done using ImageReady

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if anyone knows how to do that, i'll really appreciate the help =D 


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Hey! I'm looking for lists like this one, (I think there is a memory with a bunch of them listed here but I've looked a number of times and I can't find it.) Um, yes, so if you have any of know of any I'd love the links^^. Merci!
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I know that techniques to make dark images brighter are nothing new, but this is the one that I came up with when I was fooling around on Photoshop this morning. It looks especially nice on images of real people, but with a bit of tweaking, looks equally as good on anime and manga images., we're going from to .

All of my graphics are made in Photoshop 7.0 -- This tutorial is not translatable as it deals with Selective Coloring and Curves.

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Ugh. So. in my PSP 9/ I accidentally played the wrong script and it turned my cursor in the work space into a toggle cursor.. I would take a screen cap.. but the cursor doesnt show up on a screen cap.

Anyone know how to change it back?

Like when I try to erase something it erases but it doesnt show the erase cursor.. it just shows the toggle cursor.

same with the other tools.