September 5th, 2007


Help with using the pen tool/strokes O_o

Ok, so I was trying to do that effect with the squiggly lines outlining pictures,as is one of the current icon trends, but every time I right click, the Stroke text is grey and not clickable.  I'm on a new layer, I'm on the smallest brush, I've tried everything, but still nothing.  Does anyone have any other suggestions as to why this might be the problem, and how I might be able to fix it? Thanks in advance. 

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Hello folks, I was hoping that someone would be able to help me find a tutorial. I saw it in here quite a while ago and am having some trouble finding it.. The picture was of Jake Gyllenhaul (sp?) eating cake (I think) and it had a filmstip on it, not animated, I know it's not a lot to go on but hopfully someone knows what I'm talking about lol


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Done in PS CS2, but should transfer to lower versions of PS and possibly other programs. Has some adjustment layers(gradient map, and color balance, but really those are pretty much optional depending on the pictures you use

Make this blend:

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Does anyone have a favorite blending tutorial? I'd love to see what everyone has. I used to do lots of blends, but kinda got out of them and I'd really like to start again!

Thanks for any help you can give me!

And if it matters, I use PS & PSP.

Cleaner Edges?

are there any posts about cleaning up the edges when using the healing brush tool? I'm using PS7...I just want the edges to be more defined and cleaner...this is something i just used as an example...

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