September 6th, 2007

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Texture How-too?


How would one go about using textures like these?
They're so pretty. I'd really like to use them sometime (^o^)

<img src="">

And why does this place refuse to show my images when I use the image code? D:
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I have written two icon/graphic tutorials (more to come) for a class i'm teaching at hat_sorting (apply if you like Harry Potter!).

They outline two basic techniques - cropping and black & white.

If you're interested, see them at shim_art, or follow these links:

One: Basic Cropping

Two: Black and White

These were written to guide you to developing and creating your own graphics/techniques, so please, don't take them as absolutes. Explore!

(written based off my PS7, but i can help translate to other programs if need be.)

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I have a question. Ive looked in the memories but nothing I found there helped really helped me.

I'm getting an error that my scratch disks are full. I use photoshop CS3, i have two harddrives. photoshop is installed on my c-drive, and it has 17.9GB of free space, my d-drive has 4GB of free space. I've defragmented the C-drive, that didnt help.

any suggestions? it's really driving me nuts :(