September 7th, 2007

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How to do this...

While looking for LJ layouts I came across this border style on a layout photo. Does anyone know how to make that clear/see through border? The picture is from premade_ljsand is located here:

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Whenever I try to crop a picture down to icon size...100x100 in always makes the picture <i>smaller</i> then that...and I don't understand why it's doing that..if someone could help that'd be great! Thanks!

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Okay so i know this Community is for icons, but i was wondering if anyone had any good Community or Journal links w/ tutorial to making signatures and banners. Please it would be awesome if you could help me! Thanks in advance!
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Help please!!

Ok...I am a TOTAL beginner at making icons...First off, I use Paint Dot Net.
Second, I have NO clue how large to make the icon in width, length, or anything else...someone please help me??
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I just recently got PS CS 8 I normally use PSP 9 does PS have a feature similar to the digital camera noise removal tool? where it smooths everything out and makes the graphic look almost perfect?
Like i said i have used PSP for years i just got the PS and i am playing around and trying to learn it, but i haven't come across a feature like that.thanks in advance