September 9th, 2007

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I'm really wondering how can I blend two pictures together in Photoshop 7. Like making them merge. I tried the Gradient tool and my graphic only gets darker and darker and the two pictures stay the same. I'de like a detailed list of what to do please. Thanks.

Example of what I'm trying to make behind the cut

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Icon Tutorial

Program: Photoshop CS2. I'm pretty sure it's translatable into other versions. Not PSP-friendly, sorry.
Level: Moderate. You need to know how to change layers and know where stuff is in your menu.
Uses: color layers, color balance, selective colors, brightness/contrass, saturation.
Warning: Semi-image heavy. Probably not dial-up friendly.
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Here at my art journal.
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This brush..?

I'm somewhat out of the loop when it comes to icon making, I'm in the process of getting back into again but I cannot for the life of me find this brush again... does anybody know where I can find it?

TIA. :]

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I don't really know where to go for this but are there any tuts* on how to make people look like zombies? I'm kind of a n00b in PS7 (even though I've had it forever -_-; ), any help would be awesome :)

Glitter/Shimmer/Make-up Effects

Hi - is it possible to create a glittery effect on someone's face - as in taking a picture of someone with no make-up and making it look like they've got shimmery foundation on (not the sparkly glitter effects on text).

Are there even pre-set colors or whatever that emulate this?
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EDIT: Also, if you 'paint' over something - eg - makeup on someone's face, how can you keep the contours of the face below?

I use Photoshop CS2
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How to make animated icon from a youtube video?

As the headline says, I wonder how I can make an animated icon from a youtube video?
- First of all, does anyone have a link to a good youtube video converter site/program, so that I can convert it to a format that suits Adobe ImageReady 7.0? 
- Second, does anyone have a tutorial on how to do the rest (making the icon itself)?

Thanks in advance!


80s Bright Yellow/dirty Texture

Since I can't find a 1024x768 80s/bright/yellow texture so I decided to make one. I can't seem to make them look like these icons below. They always seem to look crappy. Is it possible to find a texture to get that dirty look on tops of a yellow texture? When I put a texture on top of the yellow it always changes the color to like orange. Is the only way to use a brush to get that old/dirty effect? I tried that also & I suck at it. Advice anyone?
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Texture #1 indienotebook
Texture #2 urbanstrokes

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Извиняюсь за ранее, если всё же я не по теме. В Photoshop’е я новичок и учусь в основном всему в этом сообществе. В общем, у меня вопрос как мог делаться этот логотип (см. Выше) . Я буду ну, ооочень признательна тем, кто поможет мне с этим вопросом.