September 12th, 2007

Tutorial #6

Tutorial #6 - The fine art of tweaking someone else's tutorial and adding color to an otherwise blah base. Features Buffy Summers from BTVS.

Program: PSCS2
Difficulty: Advanced - must have knowledge of masking layers to use this tutorial.
Translatable? No. Uses selective color.


[here] at soul_flowers
Jun Shibata - Flower

Help, please! Soft/Faded coloring (PSP9)

Going from this to this.

My question is, how can I get the coloring? The program I use is PaintShopPro9. I tried duplicating the base and setting it to "screen", and it gave me a similar effect, but it made the guys' lips quite dark. Any help at all would be very appreciated. m(__)m Thank you!

"Thank you!" to everyone who commented. I used a combination of your suggestions and finally got the coloring I was looking for (as close as possible, anyways). ^_^

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I have been looking forever for this and I will delete this as soon as I get an answer or if this isn't allowed.

I just got a macbook and realized that my photoshop disk won't work on it because it's only for pcs. I think I can still use the serial code so does anyone know where I can get a free trial for Photoshop 7.0 or Cs2 for MACS?

Thank you so much.
Dean red
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Tutorial #003 Kirsten Dunst
I've made my third Tutorial, it's from Kirsten Dunst.
I've made it with Photoshop CS2
Just 3 Steps !

Pleace Comment if you use it.
Don't copy it for yourself !

The Tutorial you can find @ my livejournal diianne or here

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can someone please tell me how to get rid of the fuzziness in the pics when i resize them? At work there are some pictures that are really small and some that are big and i need them all to be the same size. This is what I do: I get the small picture then I go to File >> New >> then I put in the pixels and all that good stuff then I click on the Move Tool and then move the small image to the NEW one and then I free transform it. I would double click the image and then presto its the size I want, however, it's a little fuzzy...I know I cant take a teeny tiny pic and blow it up and all but I'm not stretching it too much. I tried lightening it and adjusting the contrast but it doesn't do very much...can anyone help please?

Edit: Forgor to mention that I'm using Photoshop 7...thanks!
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