September 13th, 2007

Ronon - double face

Tutorial #3 - get rid of saturated colours + contrasting colours on a small canvas

We'll be starting out from this and end up with:

+ Icon created in Photoshop CS2. Translateable to older/newer versions of Photoshop. I'm not familiar with other graphic software programs, so I don't know if it'll translate to those.
+ Level of difficulty: Easy to medium difficulty. Beginners should be able to understand everything if they follow every step in this tutorial.

What is this tutorial about?

1) Preparing a screencap saturated with blue colours (+ some selective colouring)
2) Cropping a screencap + erasing
3) Composition of a subject on a small 100x100 canvas.
4) Working with vivid, sharp and crisp colours.
5) Combining contrasting colours on a small canvas.

Follow this link to the tutorial @ le_mot_art

Help! Please!

I'm very excited cause I finally worked out how to make a mini movie icon, yay!  But my only problem is I use VLC and I cant take caps one after the other to make a good movie. I heard Windows Media Classic is a good one to use, but where can i find it? I've got to make sure I dont uninstall my new version, cause i really need it too. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks. =D
Birthday Eve

You can get this too!

Works best with blues and reds, as you can tell.

Shut up. At least the bunnies are on fire. )

Post Edit: </a></b></a>jennashaped  asked me how I got the coloring for this icon
and I didn't remember since I didn't save a *.psd for that, but...I found a somewhat similar coloring, sooo...

Note to self: Start saving at least one *.psd >_____>;;
blah blah, yada yada, and so on... )
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Okay, I got this beautiful icon here:
(It was made by incosmiccaravan, whose account got deleted, so I can't ask her.)

And I'd love to know the coloring! I've been trying for weeks, but I just don't get it.
I'm sure there isn't that much selective coloring involved(well, but your never know ;) ), but some color layers.
But, as I said, I don't get it. Could someone please help me? I really would appreciate! I'm using Adobe Photoshop 7!
I have the original screencap here:

animation help

okay I have photoshop cs2 and imageready but I'm haveing a problem. How do you save a file on youtube and like put it on imageready? like i'm confused I can't do it. Imageready is where I do my capps on but can anyone help me?

if u dont understand I'll explain more