September 14th, 2007



With Photoshop CS2, what's the difference between Opacity and Fill? I've been playing around with them and they both seem the same to me.

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Solved! Thanks!
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Couple coloring questions

I'd really love to know how to make black and white icons look like this:

icons are by _impress_me

I know how to make a picture black and white but I'd really love to learn how to make them so well-contrasted as the examples show. It looks like a gradient map was used but I can't be sure.

Also, I would love some suggestions on how to get this coloring as well:

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I use Photoshop CS2.

Sorry for all the questions. I appreciate any help. Thank you! :D
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Adjustment layers in PS

This may be a dumb question, but I am a relative newbie with PS7. I've used PSP for it's entire existence, and am just now learning Photoshop7.  I'm wondering, once you do a selective coloring layer, or any adjustment layer, is there any way to go back and edit the settings if you need to tweak it a bit? In PSP, you just edit properties, but that doesn't seem to work with PS. Can anybody point me in the right direction?

Icon Colouring help...


Can anyone help me?

I'm wondering how to get this beautiful colouring here:


(Sorry to whoever made these, it was someone at the Kiera Knightley icon community - I've forgotton who, but it was obviously not me, lol)

I use Corel Paint Shop Pro X.

Thank you! 

A reminder about posting links to locked tutorials

I've deleted several posts today. Three of them were links to locked or soon-to-be-locked tutorials. One of these users reposted a duplicate of her message, linking to the same locked tutorial. This user has been banned. I have a slightly itchier trigger finger than etoilepb when it comes to banning users. (I'm not sure how yueni feels about banning.)

Disregard of rules, the aforementioned or otherwise, will get you a warning or deletion depending upon the nature of the violation. Flagrant, repeated disregard will get you banned.

Please don't post links to locked or soon-to-be-locked tutorials. Post links to public tutorials and keep your tutorials public so everyone, including people who don't have LJ accounts but watch our community, can learn from them.

Also, tutorials posted to other journals/communities will not be added to our community memories. If you write a tutorial and you would like it to be considered for addition to the memories, please post the tutorial directly to icon_tutorial.
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Icon tutorial.

Turning this: into this:

For PS7, or any other programs that use Levels.

*note: This icon was made as a gift, so please do not use without asking windandwater first.

Tutorial found here, and no, you do not have to friend me to see it. 8D