September 21st, 2007



Does anyone know how to get rid of an underline on text in PS cs2? I can't seem to get rid of it whenever I want to add text to an icon or a graphic. It just appeared for no apparent reason.


solved thanks to iicons_are_love
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Please Help

I'm in desperate need of help here. I haven't been able to figure out the answer to my problem in the hour and half I've tried.  I want new brushes in my photoshop 7.  I've downloaded them, extracted them and they make a folder on the desktop.  But instead of all the images of the brushes included in the pack being in the folder. It's just one image to click on that says brushes and it's an ABR file.  When I click on the image photoshop starts but nothing seems to be in photoshop from the folder though. So that's my problem  I can't seem to get any of them to actually load into photoshop though.  How do I fix this?  Please help. Thanks.

simple problem I cannot seem to get right


I'm using Photoshop ( 6 I think.) Making my icons the right size (100x100) with a resolution of 72. Saving it as a png file. And of course starting from the smaller pic and working my way up from there. HOWEVER.. whenever I transfer the pic to LJ as an icon.. is comes up blurry. I'm not that technically inclined.. so I honestly don't know what kind of problem that would be (though I did look through the tutorials.) I've just learned to use photoshop through trial and error really.. but I keep coming up with this problem. Any advice?
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Black and White

Does anyone know any good tutorials for getting very classy black and white effects on an icon? I know how to play with curves, levels, bright/con, etc. but I would like some good strategies rather than just eyeballing everything.
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treehuggericons: Icon Tutorial #1 [Coloring]



Corel Paint Shop Pro XI

This is chock-a-full of explanations - this is intended for beginners, but anyone may take a look!

That's right -

It's here at my icon journal, treehuggericons
Please tell me what you think and whether you liked it or not.  [I might just want to make some more of these tutorial things - if you guys like it/understand it.]
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Image Hosting?

I'm not sure if this is the place to ask, but I'll try.
So when I'm uploading icons, I usually have a bunch, (I use and it's always a pain to have to upload them individually, wait for each to upload, and copy and paste every single link.
Is there a website that has reliable hosting where I can also upload a bunch of pictures at once and it'll give me the links to them all?

It would be so great if someone knew of something like this.

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I hope this makes sense, but I'm not really guaranteeing anything. :/

Whenever I to make something in PS, when I go to save it, the window to save it flashes, and then the whole program freezes. So I can't do anything, and I get that annoying sound when you click something you can't. Does anyone know what's wrong, or how to fix it? -hopeful- I'm hoping not to have to uninstall it...

Oh, and I use CS3. Thanks!
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