September 25th, 2007


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OK I have gone through a load of tutorials for the last day and I can't seem to find anything that seems to work.

Can some one please kick me in the right direction. I'm looking for something bright and colourful, maybe greens... As colourful as you can get this cap....

Here is the base... Full Picture

Thank you SOOO much in advance, I'm really desperate. If you kick over a .PSD, that'd be cool if not, writing it out is just as good... Just anything right now, would help.

EA: I use CS3
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I feel kind of stupid asking this, but someone asked me how to crop in Paint and it's been so long since I've used that program, I can't remember! I know it has something to do with the attributes, but when I tried that it just cropped the upper right-hand corner. I even tried the Help feature, but it just said to use the attributes. Thanks in advance!
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I've been using ImageReady alot lately and I have come across something that really bugs me. When I open all my images I have to re-order them in the layer pallette, which is easy and only take a few seconds, but when I open the Animation window they're still all over the place and it takes forever to try and work out where they should be. I try and click the little arrow in the right hand corner of the animation window but where it says 'Make Frames From Layers' I cannot click it, if i'm correct this should fix my problem of the images being in the wrong order in the animation window? Does anyone know why this would be unclickable for me, and know how to fix my problem?
Any help would be much appreciated,
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Opinion wanted....

According to the Community Guidelines this should be permitted, if I'm in error, I apologize in advance.
Specific Guidelines I'm referring to:
# A place to ask specific questions about making icons and other graphics
# A place to share tips and tutorials about making icons and other graphics
# A place to learn how to use graphic design programs

Currently I'm using Macromedia MX 2004. However, chances are I'm going to lose access to it soon.

I have a great deal of resources in it. (Textures, pre-defined "styles") As well as being very comfortable and familiar with it.

I'm not a graphics person by trade, mainly I use it for creating icons for LJ and editing (antiquing) photos for friends.

I'm not sure if it's worth investing in my own copy of (now) Adobe Fireworks, which is over $250


Should I go with Paintshop Pro ($100), which I used several years ago, when it was still owned by another company.

Opinions? Will I be able to make the same quality of icons/edit with PSP? Is it as simple to use?

Thank you!
(If it helps any icons you've seen watermarked pd and most of the icons I have I made.)


I recently, after learning about it in another tutorial, downloaded an image capping program called VirtualDub. I was trying to make some caps from videos found here on the show 24 and the actress Elisha Cuthbert.

My problem is that I've downloaded the videos, downloaded the program, and now I can't get the image files into VirtualDub. I have no idea what I'm doing either- I tried looking around VirtualDub's website, but it only confused me with all the technical jargon, and I can't seem to find any actual directions. Can anyone help me out?

Also, the videos are in .mov and .wmv format

Help with Paint Shop Pro 7

You know how you create a "template" and the you paste it on top of a base.. and
you select a color from the "bottom" color and it showers just the part of the base cut out of the template.. well.. when I got to paste the template on my base.. it isn't working. Anyone know why? it just started recently doing this
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