October 1st, 2007


i knew i should have mem'd it, but...

ok. i remembered reading it here in one of the tutorials, somehow i thought i can remember it if i just memorized the steps or the details and what not, but of course, i forgot.

anyway, i have a pic i took off of Google images, and it's oversharpened. I've read something here about toning it down a notch by doing some Gaussian blur on it or something. Did I get that right? what do i do after i set it to gaussian blur..overlay or soft light?

also, i have a blurred photo. how do i make it as "focused" as i closely can?

sorry that my typing is wacked (do people use this word still? lol) and this is texted only.  i have to get to class in 1 minute. ciao.

Thanks in advance to those who can help.
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Curled Photo Effect

Does anyone know how to get this effect in the icon below? I've seen several icons from different people with this exact effect so I'm assuming there's a resource out there somewhere (but I can't seem to find it). As much as I'd like to have the resource, I'd also like to figure ot how to do this myself. I've been experimenting with the transform > wrap command in CS2, but I just can't seem to get it to look realistic. Mine ends up looking more distorted than anything.

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I've never had any problems with my Paint Shop Pro 8 until right now. I just had it open and everything was fine until I tried to crop a photo. After I cropped it nothing would work so I closed it out and when I tried to open it again I got this message.

Unhandled exception in InitInstance = 101, What = Internal program error: An invalid parameter has been passed to a function.

Anyone ever had this problem? What can I do?

Edit: Restarting worked. Thanks
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Question: I have PS CS2 (can't be bothered to install CS3) and I was wondering, how do you get the swirly glow like on this icon *points down*?

It looks like a lens flare with a radial blur applied, but you can't add a lens flare to an empty layer, so now I'm all confused! Help?