October 2nd, 2007

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Animated Sparkly Tears Effect

Does anyone know of any tutorials for getting the sparkly tears effect in this icon or know how?

by iconzicons

I tried it myself by adding little brushes to separate layers and messing about with overlay/lighten/etc. but it didn't look natural at all. It looked like little white bugs attacking the eyes. I want it to look pretty and shiny like in that icon.

I'm using PSP7/AS3, and would appreciate any help!
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I browsed the memories and couldn't find anything relating to this.

I recently entered a LIMS challenge (heh that I got eliminated from, but you live and learn), and a comment was made on my animated icon, that saving it as a.gif reduced the quality of it. I wasn't aware you could save animated icons as something else other than a .gif, and if you can, how does one achieve this?? (I use PSP7 and AS3 if that matters) I'm just really curious about this, and it's been bugging me.
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PS Problem.

So, I just installed my very own, very pretty, very legal (yay!) PS CS3 version on the weekend. And it was all new and shiny until I opened the first picture.

It was completely oversated, and no matter what kind of pic I open, it's always that way. But of course, once I go save my icons for web, or look at them in explorer, they are a lot less colorful.

So, basically, PS is having issues with the colors and displaying them much more saturated than they are in the end. I didn't do or change anything, I just installed it and then started.

I know it probably has something to do with color profiles or stuff, but I can't seem to find the right place to change that or so.

Any ideas? =(
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Text help...

For some reason, no matter how clear the text seems to be in Paint Shop Pro, outside of the program my text saves all splotchy and pixelated. Anyone have any tips on how too make your text come up smoother--there's got to be a way besides using text brushes, right?

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Any tips would be lovingly appreciated!
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Em.Hey.I just was looking for a nice coloring and I found this icon.

Could you help me with this coloring?
I don't know who did this,but who did this is very good.
Sooo.Help :>.
But I want this coloring.
I know a lot of this type of coloring,but this,this I don't know :>