October 5th, 2007

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I made these icons a while ago, and I completely forgot what I did. Can anyone help me? I made these in Photoshop Elements 5.0. It's pretty similar to most PSP programs.

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Thanks so much if you can help!
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Finding a CG Tool

This is going to sound incredibly silly, so I apologize profusely. I hope this kind of post is allowed here.

I recently downloaded Adobe Photoshop 7.0 onto my computer to create icons, and I can't seem to find the Burn/Dodge tool. It wasn't already in the Toolbox, and I also searched through Load Tools (folders included Art History, Brushes, Crop and Marquee, Text) and there's nothing. It's one of the tools I used a lot when I had Elements, and I'm sure the solution is very easy and I'm just not seeing it.

Thank you in advance :)

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If you look on The-Prep's website and you look at some his work, and you click on "KOBE REEL SHOT" in his previewer thing, there's blue coloring in the background. It seems really simple, but I can't seem to figure it out. If someone can help me, then that'd be great.

If ou don't know what i'm talking about, here's an example;

I use PS CS3 btw.
[Ayu] In dreams and wishes

Using Base Sets, Light Textures and Coloring Tutorial.

So this is a big and long tutorial. Not for those who want quick and easy icons (but certainly not unnecessarily long enough or with too many layers, mind you ;D Just more than a quick duplication of layers).

We're going from  to

Translatable? Yes.
Program used? PS CS2
Tools used? Linear Dodge, Soft Light, Saturation, Screen, and a crapload of erasing and playing around with the opacity/fill percent. XD

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Tutorial - Evan Rachel Wood in Across the Universe

I was quite pleased with my recent batch of Across the Universe icons and I happened to still have all the PSDs so I thought I'd make a tutorial. If people seem to like it, I might do more.

This tutorial is written in Photoshop CS2. It uses Selective Color, so you should be fine with any version of Photoshop that has that. I didn't go into too much detail, so if you're confused about anything please leave a comment and I'll try to explain. Hope you enjoy!

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How can I fix this?

I was following THIS tutorial by starsburn on some of my icons, but I noticed that there was something wrong with the way they were turning out, even though I copied them down to last dot. I then tried it on the icon she used as an example, thinking there might be something wrong with the caps I was using, and still, the same problem. Here:

The way it's supposed to look:

The way mine is turning out:

Do you see what I see? There's a lot of pixel-y dots and red splotches in some places. Is this just something messed up with my Photoshop CS? How can I fix this?

Thanks in advance!

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Way back when, I made this outta this .

About a year's passed, and I can't remember how I made it, and the entire set that got made with it. I tried and tried to get a similar effect, but my mind's gone blank. I used PS Elements 4 for it, btw.

If anyone could help, that'd be great!

help pleaseee.

okay, well, i took this picture on my sidekick,
and now when i have it on the computer its like ... weirdd.
my hair looks green and my skin looks freakishly white
[when in fact i am tan ...]
so, is there any way to fix this at ALL ?
and is there anything i can do to make the picture look smoother,
because i would like to have it as large as possible.
someone, please help me !!
i know yall are amazin on photoshop & stuff here, haha. [:
i'd really appreciate ANY help.
full size.
[sorry for largeness].

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