October 6th, 2007

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Alright, so I know a bunch of people ask about animation....
And I looked through mems & I didn't find what I was looking for.
So a bunch of people use Imageready, Jasc, etcetc
And I was going to download this stuff, but I realized that I have Photoshop CS3 Extended, which comes with an animation thing.
So, I have Virtual Dub, so I can take screencaps.
Does anyone have tips or a tutorial for making a mini-movie animation using Photoshop CS3 Extended's animation palette?

Thank you SO MUCH :D

Trying to find a background...

Please excuse this post since it really has nothing to do with icons, but I've been searching for this background for well over a week without success, and hoped that the knowledgeables here may be able to help!

I'm attempting to redo my layout, but I can't go much further without a particular background to finish it off. I remember using it a couple of years ago and stupidly didn't save it.

I found the background I needed over at kirabutler's journal, but it has been edited and 'patched' into another background in order to make a new one. (If you go take a look, you'll see what I mean). I have asked her politely if she may know where to find it, but as of yet, I have received no reply. Below is a better view of the background pattern that I am after.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

If anyone knows where I may be able to find a clean, unedited version of it (in any colour, it doesn't matter since it can be adjusted) then I would be so utterly grateful.

Please accept my apologies for this not being an icon specific post, but I couldn't think of who else to ask!
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I have a couple of questions about some problems in photoshop.

I'm trying to open this B&W picture and when I open it it says that the "embedded ICC profile cannot be used because the ICC profile is invalid. Ignoring the profile." I click continue and when I try to do selective coloring. It won't let me do selective coloring, the brushes are shades of gray, black and white only, so are the color fill layers. I used this picture before and nothing was wrong with it, I could use selective coloring, color fill layers and brushes as much as I want now I can't. This only happens with black and white pictures, not colored. Can someone solve this?

Another question; I'm trying to erase all the unwanted parts in my icon base because I want to fill the icon with a texture and just the subject itself. When I erase, the background under it is white. So when I fill it with a texture, it would cover the whole base. Doesn't the background under the base suppose to be those tiles? How come it's different?

I hope these problems were described. I'll be eternally grateful if someone answers these. I use Photoshop CS. Thank you!
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texture help?

I love the effect on this icon and i think it's a texture, does anyone know how I can go about making a texture like this?

I got it off photobucket so i don't know who made it sorry :S

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How can I iconize screencaptures?
I always have problems using screencaps, because after some layers [selective colors etc...] the icon looks very low-quality
how can I improve said quality, or are there tutorials with whom I can make icons using screencaptures?

Tiny Outlined Text (Crisp)

I have a dilemma that I've been trying to solve by googling tutorials and just generally messing around in Photoshop. Unfortunately, I've been unable to come up with the solution that I'm looking for.

How do I get the tiny text on an icon to look like this in a comparable font? I see it all over the place, but nothing I do looks nearly as crisp.