October 7th, 2007

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Word bubbles and darker icons...

Okay, so I'm have a problem and a question today. I used Photoshop 7.0.

Whenever I go to save an icon with the Save For Web option, I save it as a JPEG with the maximum quality, etc, etc. But for some reason, it makes my icon darker. I try to remedy this by going over it with Dodge Tool set on "Midtones" and this tends to help, but it makes the icon look different from how I intended and it's frustrating. How can I fix this?

I combed the archives for this and for my next question: I was wondering how one goes about achieving a word bubble like in the icon I'm using for this post (this one made by tiamoto_kun)? I think it's most likely a brush.
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My Photoshop seems to be weirding out on me!

Hiya. I know this isn't strictly icon-related, but it's getting difficult to work around.

When I paint over colors, they don't blend as if paint, like usual. They do this weird... burn-like thing, it seems, and I have no idea why. And the layer is set to Normal, so I know that isn't an issue. I've also tried it with several different brushes, but that doesn't seem to be an issue either.

Also, I've always had this issue where when I save something in PS, when I upload it to the web, it looks considerably lighter than what it does in the program.

FYI, I'm using CS3.


 hey yall [:
i have been wondering how to do this coloring for a while ...
i assume its pretty simple
[not involving selective color ?]
but i have no idea lol.
i also don't want it to be as bad quality as this one ...
but im guessin its cause they saved it as .jpg ?
i have photoshop cs2 & pspx [:
help ?

Sailor Moon: Chibi moon

Photoshop CS2 v.9 Help - Layer Masks

I'm making a blend for my writing journal which is mostly fanfiction. Anyway, I use layers masks to erase parts of the photos I don't want. Suddenly when I delete a part of the image, the part I deleted is still there but as if I didn't have the opacity on the eraser brush set at 100%. I do have it set there I even checked to make sure my colors were white and black. Anyone knows what's up? Its rather annoying and it doesn't erase fully when I go over it a second time.

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Nevermind, I figured it out on my own. The black was really a very dark blue. :) So yes, if this ever happens to anyone, double check your colors. :)
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