October 8th, 2007



Does anyone have any recs for a nice, bright House, M.D. coloring?
(Please don't just say, "up the saturation", because that's not what I'm looking for.)

I use Photoshop CS3, by the by.

Twi; Coloured by a faint pink glow

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Cartoon colouring


Involves Selective Colouring.
Made in PhotoShop CS3, but should be fine in other versions of PS.
This is just a nice easy tutorial that brings out the colours that are already there.
Over HERE @ limbslikewire if you're interested.
On the road

Photobooth effect

Just a small question. I know there's a black and white photobooth effect tutorial somewhere, but I can't find it anymore. I've looked through the archives and through the search thingie. Can anyone point to me any tutorial of this kind? Thxs.

Any photoshop is ok, but ps 7 is more easy for me. 
Edward, Bella, Crash

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Coloring Question:

I got this icon a while ago and the coloring on it is teh sex! So I tried to duplicate it (considering I didn't know who made it) and I've made progress but there's one part of the coloring I have not been able to duplicate ;__;

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Band of Brothers (Winnix4)

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Hello everyone just a quick question. I hope this is okay to ask here. I just made an animated icon on Photoshop CS3 for the first time and don't know how on earth to save the animation. If you could help that would be great. Thanks ^-^
twilight • your face on mine

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Hello, I was hoping someone could help me achieve this kind of effect. If you could, either lead me to a tutorial or tell me how, any help would be amazing. Thanks so much in advanced!

shimmeryshine made the first one, the second one I still don't know, and the last one comes from britbitbit

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Does anyone know if I can get colorization like these icons in Paint Shop Pro?

this one, and this one??

They both have different coloring I know, but how can I get coloring like that with PSP , I've heard it's almost impossible, because PSP doesnt have selective coloring? I've experimented, but I have never gotten anything as vibrant or pretty, the skin always goes red or orange :S

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I've checked the memories but can't seem to figure out how to make a square border that isn't faded. I don't know if I make much sense. I'm using PS CS.

Here are some examples

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Also how can do I crop to make my image look rounded like this?

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ETA: Problems fixed, Thank you!