October 9th, 2007

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I have a problem with a picture of myself.

The problem is that the flash appears to have gone off right in my face. I've posted the picture below. Is there anyway to darken the flash or otherwise minimize how bright it is?

There has already been a little bit of photoshopping done (mostly in the eyes) but it shouldn't really affect much.

Any help would be wounderful!


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This is a reference to show how selective coloring can be used to enhance rather than take away from an image. This is a simple coloring tutorial that you can use, and please, build off of. Obviously, by the nature of the post, non-translatable, but should would work with all forms of Photoshop.



[ find it here ]

PLEASE NOTE: Selective color is not the all to end all coloring tool. Sometimes it's easier to just use variations, hue/saturation, a fill layer, or curves. It's all going to depend on what you're trying to do. Some of these colors are a little extreme. Don't be afraid to mess with the opacities and have fun and make it your own!
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Not exactly icon related, but when I click on an image in my pictures folder to view it, it opens up in PSP as default instead of Windows Picture and Fax Viewer. Any ideas how to change this?

Thanks in advance.

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heya! im new to using photoshop to make icons, and as such im tiptoeing my way through the tutorials and figuring out what I can.

im in the process of making an icon and im adding text to it, however, after i write the text and click to use another tool the text disappears. im trying to figure out why its happening and cant, so im hoping someone can help me. More than likely its glaring me right in the face too...