October 10th, 2007

monkey XD


Tutorial #1: Kaoru from Dir en Grey

My first contribution to this community :D

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Made in Photoshop CS2. I'm afraid it's not translatable. Involves selective coloring & hue/saturation layers.

here @ my journal.

Tutorial #8 - House

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#8 - Using textures, creating space and making your icon interesting. A composition tutorial. Featuring House.

Program: PSCS2
Difficulty: Medium to Advanced - a description of each and every tool and/or step is not included with this tutorial. Knowledge of Photoshop, the workspaces, the tools and layers is required. Basically, if you are new to Photoshop you shouldn't try this tut.
Translatable? On the coloring, probably not - as I think I may have used selective coloring. Everything else, not sure, really. I don't have PSP anymore so I couldn't tell you whether it's translatable or not. For those with CS2 and higher, definitely translatable.

[HERE] at soul_flowers