October 15th, 2007

Tutorial Request

Uh,hi.Me again.I have a question on finding a tutorial.My other computer is broken,so I now have a new computer.I had this tutorial on that computer that was a stock coloring tutorial.Sadly,all I remember about it was that it was entitled "Greece Tutorial." Can anyone please help me find it or at least some other coloring tutorials?I use PS 7.0.
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Robin Hood Icon Tutorial

We will be going from to .

Adobe Photoshop 7. NOT TRANSLATABLE, involves Selective Color, Color Balance, and various adjustment layers.

Let me begin by saying that this tutorial will most definitely NOT work with all images. Especially screen caps. I've tried this tutorial on several different images and the results are less than pleasing. That being said, make sure you experiment with different settings to come up with something you like.

Here at my icon community windsprints
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Border question

Firstly I use Photoshop CS3 and I have looked in the memories so many times and tried the suggestions out loads but nothing works and I'm not entirely sure what I am doing wrong, or not doing in the first place.

I would like a border on an icon/header (I want it for both) and it said to go to Layer and then Stroke and do it like that but when I do nothing happens. I have tried flattening the image and doing it like that (after converting it from background to layer), I've tried getting a separate layer on top of everything else and the border never shows up. Can someone please point me in the right direction as I'm driving myself nuts trying to work out where I'm going wrong.

Thank you :)
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please help XD

Hey I know this is kinda stupid question, but that does anyone know where I can share my icons? cos I do have my own community, but I would like to make it more populer but mainly be able to post my icons for people to use somewhere else, cos I know that some icon communities you can only post if your the manager? lmao I know im dumb but also new to livejournal XD
but if anyone can help me with these colorings? please it would so nice =)

by DailyDestiny-net
beeseul_004.png image by usernames1 daily_06.png 

by elegant/
emilie1.jpg image by aimeejc oc8.jpg image by aimeejc

(p.s does anyone know how to colour with black and white pics?

thank yuo so much xxx
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(no subject)

So yes, exactly as the Subject header says, this is my very first tutorial. There was a blue/yellow coloring that I saw somewhere (now I can't remember where) that used selective coloring, so I toyed around with one of my icons and found a coloring I liked. I liked it so much, I'm giving it to you.


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(no subject)

I'm having a problem with the way my brushes show:  let say a brush is selected and my pointer is over a spot i want to place it. however, all it shows is the pointer instead of the brush -- making me not able to see where i am putting the brush directly.

any help, please?? i dont know if i accidentally pressed something or something
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Brushes - Anyway to save them?

Ok, this happens to me quite often and I am sick and tired of it.
In Photoshop, I could download a bunch of brushes and put them on. I normally just download the brushes, save them all in a file on my computer, and drag them over to Photoshop. That's how I put my brushes on.

Then, the very next day, I could turn on my computer and all the brushes I recently downloaded would be gone. Yet, some would still be there.

Does anyone know why this is? I mean, I really hate going to site after site and re-downloading the brushes.


OH, and the memories has nothing on this. D: