October 16th, 2007

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Hi guys, I'm new to this community and I have a question. I really hope someone can help me cause this problem is really bugging me and I can't get anything done. Whenever I create a selective coloring layer, or and hue/saturation layer, or anyother layer from those types...etc, I can't erase a certain part from the layer itself, this is really annoying seeing as I have to keep the coloring over the entire picture and can't just add it to a certain part of the image. I hope someone out there understands me and can help. (I know this is more of a technical question rather than a question about coloring and icon making, I hope I asked this in the right place.)

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Hey, feel free to take this down if it's not relevant to the comm. My rectangle tool will only make squares. The shift key is not stuck on my computer, nor is any other key, but whenever I go to draw a rectangle, it always stretches out into a square. None of the other tools (rounded-rectangle tool, ellipse tool, etc.) are having this problem, it's only the rectangle tool. If anyone knows of a way to fix this, I'd really appreciate it.
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hey everyone.. i'm kind in an emergency.. i have to print this photograph... wich turned out really dark and bad quality.. so i was wondering in anyone could make it look better and brighter...and also explain me how they did it.. it would be great really..

thanks in advance, vicky.

PS: i use photoshop CS2

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ETA: Thanks to you all..
now..smheting i forgot.. Anyone knows how to make the image not look too grainy??