October 17th, 2007

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screencap question

I hate to ask, but. The other day I stumbled upon a post from someone looking for a screencapping program and there were two linked in the comments. The one that I wanted could grab video clips as well as screencaps and was free. I've gone back through the comm 3 times, searched the mems where I thought it might be and I can't find it, and I'm almost positive that it was in this community. Does anyone know of the post or the program?

eta: Found. Thank you jadeleopard

Curves help

Ok so i have pspx and i used to be able to curves just like everyone else but here lately it has been acting weird and it puts this screen-like white or grey stuff over top of the image. The settings are just like they always have been and i dunno what to do and all the good tutorials have curves so i need to fix it lol. or is it that im totally doing curves wrong? i have trouble figuring out what they mean by point 1 and point 2 but i thought i had it figured out ok.

Example.... it goes from this to  this  the tutorial i used is here i only did the first curves layer.

Thanks =)

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(no subject)

Sorry if this isn't the right place to ask, if it isn't I'll delete this but I was wondering if there were any tutorials for banners and headers? Or if someone could direcet me to a community that is for banner and header tutorials?

Soory again if this is not allowed, but thanks for any help :D