October 18th, 2007

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Help with Textures & Brushes for P:CS


I'm new at the making icons thing, but I've practiced for 2 days, & I've gotten pretty good basic images, but I'd like to know how to add textures or brushes? I read the archive, but mainly all of them were for psp 7 & I couldn't guide myself. I'm using PS:CS, can anyone please help me with this? I'd appreciate it. [=
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Sorry if this has been asked before but I just can't get my animated icon to slow down! I'm using Gimp and I've tried adjusting the milliseconds to it's maximum but even then it's still quite fast.

This is the icon I want to slow down -

Any help or advice would be gratefully received.

X - posted to icon_tutorial and gimp_users

EDIT All fixed now, thanks! :)
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