October 21st, 2007

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What's in my PSD?

Ok, well, whether this is allowed or not is kind of a grey area, but I read the rules and it doesn't say this isn't allowed.

Basically I'm making a tutorial on one of my icons and it involves Selective Coloring. I only have Photoshop Elements 2 on this computer, so I can't open Selective Coloring layers to find out how I did the coloring. In other words, I have a PSD filled with information I can't access.

So, I would really appreciate it if someone could download the PSD and tell me the contents of just 2 Selective Coloring adjustment layers.

The PSD is here.

All you need to help me is Photoshop and a few moments time! I will credit you for your help and love you forever.


Edit: Someone helped me out. :)

? about paint shop pro and curves

i want to know is there something i have set wrong because everytime i go to use curves and rgb it gives me a white layer instead of some kind of coloring to an icon the other channels are fine its just rgb is there something im doing wrong?

thanks for any help
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I know this is kind of a lot to ask but...
My computer broke this morning, and along with it were all my PSDs.
I'm looking for a colouring to finish my new post but i can't seem to find it in the archive.
Anyway... It was a Keira Knightly tutorial (i think it was a straight forward photoshoot, but you couldnt see her eyes because of the crop)
I used it to get this colouring Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Thanks in advance to anyone who knows what i'm on about :)

Felix (Golden Sun) Tutorial

I haven't done a tutorial in so long, usually relying on methods of others with my own ideas thrown in to make icons, which usually does not make for a good tutorial.

ANYWAY, this tutorial is pretty much all my own ideas.

We're going from:


Done in Photoshop, but should be translatable. (No selective coloring and/or curves) This tutorial works BEST for images with white or solid color backgrounds.
( Cause one minute goes fast... )
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Hi everybody!
I hope for your help. I need some tutorials to do from black/white picture - picture in light-pink colour. If you now something similar give me link fot these, please. I'll be very grateful.