October 27th, 2007

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does anybody know how to animate in cs3??? i read that it doesn't have image ready...any ideas.. something would be great.. fyi i have a mac!!

thanks in advance!


Can I capture video clips from a DVD using the VLC media player or do I need another program for this? I know how to get screen caps, but I want to be able to capture short clips to make icons and videos. Thanks for your help!
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REALLY NEED to know how to achieve this coloring on these icons;

1. 2. 

thank you in advance. this community is awesome, the people are really nice & helpful.

original pics under the 
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hey, I used to have photoshop when I used windows XP and I could drag pictures from my pics folder to Photoshop but now it won't let me [i have vista] so I have to open the pictures with the open thing in PS. Anyway I can drag again?
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help again...

ok i know i have been bugging people with this sorry.

but i figured out how to animate in cs3.. but now my question is how do i save it???

please don't be mean... some have been..
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Photoshop Question

This is probably a very stupid question but I do need to know if there's an answer to it. ::sheepish grin:: I only just started using photoshop after having paint shop pro for years and the one thing that I really miss from PSP was the way the font names were written in the font script when one used the text tool. In PS they're all in one script and honestly I have the most awful memory for names so I can never remember which is which until I actually write something using them. So to the question, is there a way to change that in PS so each font name is written in the font script?


Can someone point me in the direction of a tutorial on how to make animated gifs using photoshop and imageready. I looked and all I could find were dead links. Thanks

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Um, I just want to know how to do borders, especially the curved ones like my icon right now.

I would usually use Marquee Tool but I can't change it back to having curvy edges.

And also this:

Those disconnected edges, I wanna do the same thing to banners. How do you make those...?

Help would be appreciated. ^____^
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Text Question~

How can I justify the text on an icon? I use PSCS2, and I'm pretty new to it, having used PS Elements 4 for so long.

Btw, I looked through the memory archive and didn't find exactly what I needed, so I either skipped over it or I really am lame.

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