October 28th, 2007

font on ps 7

I have photoshop 7 and have the worst time putting fonts on my art. I can barely every put fonts on my art directly. Most of the time, I have to create a new separate blank layer, add font to that, and then copy and paste to my icon or banner. Could someone please help me fix this?

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Similar effect?

Hello! The image is to big so it's in a LJ cut.
I'm wondering how to get this effect on this site layout.

You see how the pictures of the women are so well blended into the background? Does anyone know how I could probably do the same?

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I use PSC2, if your wondering.
If I'm not being clear, I'll try to explain it more. =)
Zero/Yuki:The Forbidden Love

my tuto 13:red is hot

Today, we will go from to

Request by thenarnianqueenand imperativa
made in PSCS
with 3 SC laysers

Rules and Notes:
If you like this tuto, please comment, cause your comment is my biggest power~~
If you like my works, you are really welcome to friend me^__^
ATTENTION PLEASE:all the color images I provided here are just for reference. The reason why, please go check here.

Other similar icon:

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I have PSP 9 and I need help! I have been getting familiar with the progam but I am confused when it comes to curves. I don't understand the whole input/ouput thing. Everytime I try a tutorial that involves curves I get lost because I don't know how to work them.  I was wondering if someone could explain to me the process of curves. Thanks so much!!
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Icon Brushes

Hi,  I was wondering if you could help me find some icon textures that I've been looking for.  I've tried going through the icon lists from this lj community but haven't seen it (or at least totally missed it).

I actually don't have an example of it.  The icon textures that I'm looking for are the circle ones, outlined circles that are usually stacked up on top of each other at different "angles".  Most of the time, they also have lights associated with them. I'm not sure if it's one whole texture or multiple textures used on top.  I'd appreciate any help.

I use ps7, images are fine too.  Thanks!