November 1st, 2007

Juuni Kokuki // Keiki

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It's been forever and a day since I wrote a tutorial. Since I'm so in love with this icon, I thought I'd write one for it. Even though I've given a step-by-step guide, try not to copy it like that. Add in something I didn't use; use this to inspire your own thing.

Before After

{ ever after }

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I know there are millions of tutorials for lightening dark icons, but I'm looking for one that deals specifically with scenes that take place by firelight. There are a ton in Lost, and I can never get the coloring to look normal - its always either too dark, or very yellow. Here's the particular image that I'm currently working with :

The fact that she has blonde hair does not help the overpowering yellow color - please save my icon subjects from jaundice!

 Any help is GREATLY appreciated, so thanks in advance!
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How can I achieve efect like on the pic above or something similar in ps cs2? Is it even possible? This pic is actually finall result that was in newspaper, but it was made for sure somehow, so I'd be greatefull for any tips ^^

Also i have question about what font is used for that wallpaper? It's actually official so maybe this even isn't font but someones handwritind, but the same font was used in CD booklet as well to, so maybe it isn't someones handwriting <-hope that it makes sense.

Coloring Help

Hey, I was wondering if anyone happened to know how to get this coloring?

I tried on my own, and looked through various tutorials (along with tried them out), but pretty much failed. If you can help, that'd be so great! I use PS7.

(Icon was made by my friend..I asked her, but she doesn't even remember how. -.-)

EDIT : Resolved!
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I had a request for tuts for the last 3 graphics I posted so here is the first of the three.
Done in PS CS2, but should translate fairly easily.

Make a graphic like this:

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