November 4th, 2007


hi guys im new here and i love this community!! :D

so .. do u know where I can find this texture(circles)??
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and how to make an effect like this one (i meant circle shadow)?

thx in advance :P
night falls

Saving .gif files

Is there any way to save a .gif file without optimizing it for the web?

I made an animated header for my journal, which I really don't need optimized since I'm not trying to make it fit any size requirements. But no matter what, I always loose a little quality when I save the file.

Any suggestions/ideas?

I use both IR and AS.

Thanks :)

and in case anyone needs to see the actual image: here
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Light texture tutorial for PSP users!

Tired of seeing light texture tutorials for Photoshop? Good news: contrary to popular belief, you don't need a filter like lens flare in order to make something like this in PSP:


(This was made in PSPXI, but should be translatable).

Please note that this tutorial is not meant to be followed exactly. I have provided a basic step-by-step only to help you get started before you go on to experiment to your heart's content. If you're not comfortable with PSP enough to fiddle with the settings and effects on your own, then this tutorial may be too dificult for you. 

For the tutorial, I've created a large texture, but of course, you may start with a 100x100 canvas or simply cut the larger texture into 100x100 pieces to fit your icons.

( Here we go!

Coloring Help

Im starting to get more into photography and I am trying to find some more specific coloring for making a pic look more professional

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Thanks for all your help, it will be greatly appreciated 

Pics 1,2,3 and 4 NOT taken by me, Looking to achieve coloring

I use Photoshop

picture is made

anyone know how to make a picture like this

any tutorials would be much apricited and I dont know who made it I found it on photobucket


also I have adobe photoshop cs2

also how do you clarify in adobe photoshop?