November 6th, 2007

Help with coloring

I made this Icon awhile ago and I forgot how I got the coloring, does anyone know of any tutorials on how to get this coloring?
I do not have photoshop so I do not have selective coloring.

20.png image by deathbatroyal

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Going from...

Using Photoshop. I don't have a clue how PSP works, so it may not be translatable.
Difficulty level; Requires basic knowledge of PS and its workings. And takes patience, there's quite a few steps.
Right over here at cheeseorgasm!
willow - red

Text Tutorial?

Does anyone know of any really good text only icon tutorials? Just general guidelines, what works best, etc. I haven't made them before, so I'm looking for some general hints and tips. Thanks in advance!

PS: oh, and I use PS7 if it matters.
[Glee] Mark & Dianna
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Does anyone have any tips on getting rid of red-eye in Photoshop CS? 

Solved ^_^ thanks for your help but I found a tutorial on DA =]
Thanks again
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I was wondering ,
does anybody know the coloring to these icons, it would be much help if you could find a tutorial.
I have PSP X2, looking at these icons..I can see they probably use selective coloring, is that right?? 
thanks in advance!

Icon 1:

Icon 2: 

help me

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Hi! i'm new to this comm ^^
I've made a bunch of anime icons (you can see iton my LJ) but I really want to try new effects.
Could you tell me good tutorials for anime icons? especially animated icons.
Thx b4 :)

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