November 8th, 2007


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I'm guessing this question is asked quite a bit.
but i need to know for a class.
How can i make a picture look like a Polaroid?

I checked the memories.
I didn't see any posts in the last 4 days.
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Help ?

Hello ^^

Can anyone tell me how to get this coloring ?
I hope, I hope, I hope ...

Thanx in advance

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A Photoshop problem

Woe is me, for I have a hand in my program. Can anyone help (even if it is to direct me to a photoshop_help community?)?

I opened PS CS3 (on my trusty Mac) to edit something, and made to create a new Type layer. No luck. The cursor displays as a hand, and will not be persuaded to do anything else. Quit, restarted, same thing. I even tried quitting and opening up PS CS, only to find that the same thing happened there, too.

Photoshop's Help doesn't seem to have anything under the header When Good Programs Go Bad, or at least, I couldn't find it. I am therefore unable to post my beautiful pop macro, and am filled with sorrow.

Can anyone help?